Lessons In Person or Online

I love working with students who are enthusiastic and curious to explore traditional music on the fiddle and/or mandolin!

In the studio, we can dive deep into traditional Irish, or decide to explore a range of styles, from Old-Time to Ragtime, Celtic to Bluegrass.  Perhaps a bit of each!  My aim as a teacher is to help you successfully and joyfully make music for yourself and with others, no matter what style you play.

In lessons, my goal is to do more than just teach tunes.  We’ll focus on danceability.  That’s the lift and the groove that keep your toes tapping! 

We’ll focus on efficiency of movement so you can play tunes for hours without tiring and get the speed you want without sacrificing the character of the music. 

We’ll look at ways to be creative within the framework of the melody and/or chord progression so you can find endless ways to express yourself. 

Last but not least, we’ll take lessons as an opportunity to play together and have fun!

Lessons regularly include:


Identifying musical goals


Learning to learn by ear


Understanding and developing muscle memory


Applied theory


Exploring harmonies via duet and accompaniment


Playing together!

Learning music is a journey.

We’ll start with where you are, and follow your needs and interests in determining next steps.

Learn Traditional Irish

You already know how to play, and now want to dive in deep and learn not only tunes, but the lift and the lilt that gives them that Irish sound. Maybe even play at sessions one day!

Explore Other Styles

How can you decide what to devote yourself to if you haven’t tried what’s out there? You are happy to try on many “fiddle” styles before you settle into one…if you ever do!

"From Scratch"

You are a total beginner! But you are ready to get Grandpa’s old fiddle out of the case and finally learn how to play! It’s never too late to start! Even if you’re a grandparent too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow method books?

I like to pick and chose content from a variety of method books depending on the interests and needs of my students.  But…..if you are into method books, I am happy to work with the ones you’ve already got, or suggest something really great!

Do you do group lessons?

Yes I do!  I occasionally offer organized group classes that I advertise through my email contacts.  I’m also willing to work with you if you have a friend or friends you’d like to take lessons with.  This music is meant to be played together and can be so much fun!

Is it too late for me to start?

It’s never too late to start!  I have had students who started “from scratch” after retirement, who then went on to successfully play at sessions/jams around town!

Do you do online lessons?

Yes!  Online lessons are great for a number of reasons.  No need to cancel just because there’s a blizzard or the car won’t start!  Take a lesson from the comfort of your own home if you are feeling under the weather, but not too sick to play!   Live out of town and don’t want to make the commute?  I have students in Ontario, and have taught people living as far away as Newfoundland!

Is it possible to learn to play Irish style if I have a classical background?

Of course it is!  You have a head start in knowing how to play your instrument!  Now, it’s a matter of listening to lots of Irish music and learning new skills.  I can help you with that!

Do you do lessons at student's homes?

No, sorry I don’t.  I have a comfortable, well-stocked studio that meets the needs of myself and my students.  If you aren’t able to commute, consider taking online lessons 🙂

Do you do "one off" workshop- style classes?

Yes.  For those who can’t find a regular pattern in their schedule, I do offer the option of self-scheduling classes.  Contact me for more information on how this system works.

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